Choose Your Favorite Color of the Rainbow – It Reflects Important Aspects of Your Life and Character

When a color speaks to you, it speaks for you and will most likely become the default shade you select when faced with a selection of colors. Ever wonder what that color says about you? Pick your favorite rainbow color. Find out its meaning below.

1. Red
You characterize yourself as being an honest person who expresses what he feels directly and bluntly. Because of the way you are, you are the type of person who attracts attention and does not go easily unnoticed.

You are active, very energetic, cheerful, and always ready to live new adventures and experiences. The color red is also closely linked to creativity and innovation. You are able to find quick and creative solutions to issues that seem very complex to other people.

2. – Orange
You characterize yourself as a cheerful, charming person with an empathetic and understanding heart. You are a very sensitive and emotional person who dreams of equality and justice and for this reason, it is very common for you to get involved in jobs and activities with an excellent social impact, and at the same time that you have great frustration for issues that you can’t change.

It is important that you know that there is no room for sadness when you always give your very best; live with love, kindness, and joy, and your world, the world of the people you like the most and of those around you will be kinder and happier.

3. – Yellow
You characterize yourself as an analytical, critical, and insightful person who enjoys people and situations that challenge his knowledge and who could get very bored if he is not offered the opportunity to develop his full potential.

You could have trouble sleeping because your brain is very creative and is constantly generating ideas, even at dawn. Doing some physical practice before bed would do you a lot of good and carrying a notebook with you to write down your ideas will help you not to forget any of them.

4. – Green
You characterize your self as being a territorial person in some way. You feel the need to demarcate barriers between what you consider your personal life, your private spaces, and how far others could go, and although you enjoy being with other people, you could be upset when somebody exceeds your limits.

You are an orderly and methodical person who likes to take time to organize your plans and ideas. Your main challenge is learning to manage your time and create a balance between your obligations and your well-being. Taking some breaks in the middle of your day will help you refresh your mind, your ideas, and will undoubtedly improve the quality of work.

5. – Blue
You characterize yourself as being a dreamy, imaginative person with great ability for communication areas. You and others have likely noticed your great talent for capturing the attention of others when telling or writing stories and your ability to defend your ideas and those of others.
You are a very direct and honest person and for this reason, you cannot bear lies and it is difficult for you to regain trust in someone who has let you down.

6. – Indigo
You are characterized by being a positive person, sometimes quiet, very sensitive, and with an extremely developed sense of intuition. Generally, your first impressions or hunches about some body or something turn out to be correct.

You could also turn into a very impulsive person who makes many decisions getting carried away more by emotion than by reason and for this reason, you end up involved in multiple activities or you get to acquire a lot more commitments than you can really attend, generating defaults or other uncomfortable situations.

Your primary challenge is to add a little reason to your emotion and find that balance that may help you make good decisions. Remember that your emotions show you the way and reason dictates how you walk.

7. – Violet
You characterize yourself as being an idealistic, bright, and creative person. You have a great imagination which makes you a great factory of wonderful ideas. Your special way of seeing and experiencing the world is perceived in many ways: in your personal spaces, in your clothes, and in your work, which generally bears your unique and unmistakable stamp.

People like you could become very successful in fields such as design, the arts, or literature. You could become almost no tolerant of people or situations that do not allow you to experience your individuality or develop your full potential and that is precisely where your main challenge lies: learn to celebrate and tolerate differences, because only then do you want to become completely happy.